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Quid is the technological partner of
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Solid experience, technological innovation, method and passion make Quid the ideal partner for supporting a new way of banking.

We support our customers with evolutionary strategies, from developing solutions for the financial services sector to innovative platforms for managing credit processes. We are taking up the challenge of the market, which requires technologies to support continuously evolving organisational models and Consumer Finance products.

Our values

Quid Group Numbers | 2023

Quid Group Revenues
0 mln€
Quid Group Employees
2023 forecast including the data of Cabel Industry, which joined Quid Group in June 2023

Quid, the growth path

Our organisation

Qinetic Platform

The area designs the CORE developments of the platform and supports the customer in configurations and customisations.

The technological evolution and planning of the product releases travel at the same pace as the CLIENT-SPECIFIC activities, in this way ensuring the maximum service level with a standard of reference for the market.

Finance Solutions

The structure has an Account Manager who looks after a cluster of customers with a team made up of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Team Leaders and Developers. There are also cross-function resources who share their special skills and add technical and functional value to the team. The Professional Leaders of the three professional families inside the area contribute to building growth and training plans.

Quid’s Centers of Expertise


Software Factory


Hub specialising in omnichannel sales solutions

Manerbio (BS)

Hub specialising in consumer credit


Centres specialising in
Business Intelligence and DWH

in the Insurance business

Quid management

Elio Catania

Chairman of the Management Board

Stefano Bertoli

Chief Executive Officer

Massimo Barucci

Financial Services Director

Claudio Santina

Head of Business Development & Product Planning

Leandro Tesi

Head of Finance Solutions

Silvia Fissi

Head of Qinetic Solution

Gianni Brandani

Head of Software Engineering and Technology

Stefano Ottavi

Chief Financial Officer

Francesca Cozzi

Head of Human Resources

Maurizio Astarita

Chief Information Security Officer

Raffaele Turiel

Head of Corporate Communication

Marco Iozzi

Data Protection Officer

Quid talks

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In 2007, the Fondazione Dynamo Camp foundation started up free rehabilitation therapy courses for children and teenagers suffering from serious pathologies inside the Oasi Dynamo nature reserve in Limestre (PT). We have been standing by their side for several years to support activities and initiatives.

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

In 2023, we joined the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee. Situated inside one of the most picturesque palazzos of the old town centre of Florence, the foundation has a full schedule of art exhibits, workshops and laboratories.


We are involved in constantly monitoring and planning actions for the short- and long-term. In October 2022, we completed the ESG Synesgy assessment path. This annual certificate attests to the company’s good sustainability level.

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