Quality and Social Responsibility

QUID INFORMATICA is pleased to remind you that it has long adopted a Management System for Quality, Social Responsibility and Administrative Responsibility, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, SA8000 and Legislative Decree 231/01. To complete disclosure, below is an excerpt of the main topics covered by Standard SA8000:2014, the full text of which can be downloaded from this page.

Topics covered by Standard SA8000:2014

• Child labour: Do not use or allow child labour to be used;

• Forced Labour: Do not use or allow force labour to be used;

• Health and Safety: Guarantee appropriate health and safety conditions in the workplace for all staff members, in full compliance with the legislation in force (e.g. Legislative Decree 81/2008, as amended from time to time);

• Association and Collective Bargaining: Respect the right of association and collective bargaining;

• Discrimination: Do not use or permit any form of discrimination based on race, national or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation,

• Family responsibilities, marital status, trade union affiliation, political opinions, age or other; • Disciplinary Practices: Do not use disciplinary practices that are not allowed under the applicable national collective agreements, such as corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal violence;

• Working Hours: Adopt a working time schedule complying with the provisions set forth in the relevant legislation and in the applicable national collective agreements. Overtime must be voluntary and paid at a higher rate than normal working hours;

• Remuneration: Guarantee a minimum wage equal to that set forth in the applicable national collective agreements; do not rely on ‘undeclared work’ or types of contract not consistent with what is required of the resources.

References and contacts

– Quid Informatica’s Social Performance Team: – SAAS – Social Accountability Accreditation Services:  / www.saasaccreditation.org
– SAI – Social Accountability International:  / www.sa-intl.org
– IQNet Ltd – Certification Body:  / www.iqnet-ltd.com