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Quid's Qinetic platform on IBM Cloud for Financial Services offers versatility, speed, and security in managing consumer credit processes. By leveraging the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services, Qinetic enables rapid scaling and seamless compliance with stringent security and privacy regulations, while providing businesses the agility and flexibility they need to thrive in today's fast-paced marketplace.

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services, speed innovation and address your security and compliance needs.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is supported by an ecosystem of curated ISVs, fintechs and SaaS providers, to help make it easier and faster for financial institutions to onboard third-party applications and services and begin working with them on IBM Cloud.

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help financial institutions:

Address your compliance requirements with an industry-built common controls platform.
Operate with choice and agility through hybrid cloud deployment options.
Safeguard data with industry-leading security capabilities.
Speed innovation with an ecosystem of ISVs, fintechs and SaaS providers.

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Quid Informatica and Qinetic Platform are now validated on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services®

Quid's offering complies with the market's most comprehensive framework for security and compliance in financial services

Qinetic is the first Italian consumer credit process management platform available on IBM Cloud catalog

Versatile, fast and secure. Qinetic’s availability on IBM Cloud proves the flexibility and the adaptability of our full digital platform to customers’ needs

*Learn more about the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services at ibm.com/cloud/financial-service

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