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Qinetic, the new way of banking
The platform

Qinetic is a cloud-native software program that covers the entire life cycle of credit processes with a multi-channel and modular strategy. Easy to integrate inside the bank’s application landscape, it expands its functions and guarantees low implementation costs and strong scalability.

Qinetic, the new way of banking
Business Accelerator

Innovation drives Qinetic’s development: multi-channel, open banking, data intelligence and AI technologies are a few of the pillars on which the continuous evolution process of the platform rests. Qinetic is an accelerator capable of meeting business needs, with round the clock activity guaranteed and with processes and strategies modelled to measure for the customer.

Qinetic, the new way of banking
The Products

Qinetic, configurable in logics and processes, manages consumer credit products, such as personal and finalised, revolving and buy-now-pay-later loans, in addition salary-guaranteed loans, retiring allowance and termination payments, mortgages and peer-to-peer lending.

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Qinetic technology: architecture

Qinetic is cloud-native, event-driven, full-API enabled, and its internal architecture is based on micro services. It is therefore an open system, naturally set up for both integration and increased functions available to the customer’s eco-system.

That means that it will always be possible to introduce, make evolve or replace one of the building blocks with contained investments without distorting the platform’s logics.

The technology will never be a restriction because Qinetic is designed and built with next generation open source tools.

Qinetic technology: modules

Architectural flexibility is at the foundation of the possibility to select and install the desired components. The framework modules supply services to the product verticals, which use them through messages and APIs.

Qinetic, flexible and customised

Procedure for installing and supplying the Qinetic service:

SaaS and IBM FS Cloud Partnership

Qinetic in SaaS operated in the IBM Cloud environment, which offers maximum levels of availability, security and conformity required by the market and complete regulatory compliance, substantiated by the certificate of conformity in keeping with the IBM for Financial Services framework rules. The time needed for configuring and installing the product is drastically shorter than traditional solutions.

The Qinetic in SaaS offer is also available with dedicated pay-per-use plans.


Qinetic can be installed in the cloud at any provider the customer chooses. Since it is cloud-native and multi-cloud, it does not use any proprietary service of a specific provider.

As of today, Qinetic has been installed in IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.


Qinetic is also easy to install at the infrastructure of the customer or of its outsourcer. Based on our experience, it is the classic method for starting off on the cloud journey for those who have planned a progressive arrival at the cloud to be implemented at a later time.

Security and regulatory compliance

Security by Design

Qinetic’s development follows precise security standards, including the OWASP guidelines, in addition to including automatic and manual security tests and periodic check plans carried out with specific technologies.

The approach is aimed at integrating the security processes directly in the design and development of the platform, with continuous monitoring and improvement actions taken.

Privacy by Design

The platform is structured to regulate access to the information in a specific way, on the basis of careful profiling based on different authorisation levels and differentiated based on the actions to be taken.

In this way, maximum protection and confidentiality of the data can be guaranteed, in line with the GDPR directives, and the entire cycle can be integrated directly into the technological infrastructure.

Compliance by Design

Qinetic is constantly updated to observe the national and European regulations regarding the sale and management of credit products and accessory products and services, such as insurance products sold in bundles with loans.

The guaranteed coverage of the front-to-back processes enables absolute consistency in the processing of information and in its representation in transmission to the regulatory and supervisory entities.

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