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A consolidated experience of ambitious projects and successful solutions to support the evolution of bank processes


Qinetic is the Quid platform for the end-to-end management of all of the life cycle components of credit.


Our credit process expertise for custom solutions for managing financial products and processes.


Professional Application Management design advice for customers’ standard and custom platforms.

Qinetic Platform

Qinetic is our product for the end-to-end management of all of the life cycle components of credit.

Providing estimates, onboarding, credit valuation, administration, sales and after-sales. A flexible cloud solution easy to integrate with the bank’s systems, distinguished by low implementation costs, strong scalability and that can be adopted fully or for single modules.
Qinetic logics and processes are totally configurable and ensure the management of a wide range of consumer loan products, such as personal and finalised, revolving and buy-now-pay-later loans, in addition salary-guaranteed loans, retiring allowance and termination payments, mortgages and peer-to-peer lending.

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Finance Solutions

Customer focus and a thrust towards innovation are two drivers that have always distinguished our distinctive approach to projects.

We make custom solutions for managing multiple financial products and processes, and we support our customers with multidisciplinary teams capable of monitoring all design stages.

Our expertise in credit processes has allowed us to develop complex and innovative platforms to serve the digital transformation of banks. We create projects aimed at the end-to-end management of files and products in a multi-channel perspective and with constant adaptation to the evolution of regulations in force.

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SIC+ Database

Building of a new SIC+ database and its website for financial institutions and consumers. Development of the web app to collect customers’ consents, which as an AISP it also collects information from payment accounts to generate scoring.

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CIT Procedure

Cheque life cycle management referring to the CIT (“Check Image Truncation”) procedure for digitising paper credit instruments.
It includes all process stages.

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Product Catalogue

System for configuring products to place with customers, integrating core banking to align conditions and parameters of the products decided on.

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Home Banking

Creation of multi-channel web platforms complete with remote new customer onboarding functions, contract certification and digital signature, master file management, current account opening and closing, cards and payments.

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Dispute Management

Dispute management and chargeback of transactions with credit, debit, prepaid and ATM cards. Integrated with international and domestic circuits with accounting and UCAMP systems.

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Electronic Credit Line File

End-to-end management of electronic credit line files of natural persons and corporate entities from application to disbursement.
Integration with external databases and core banking.

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Electronic Management File

Monitoring of credit positions and definition of activities to mitigate risk in order to prevent loan impairment.

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Development of multi-country and multi-channel solutions for the digital sale of consumer credit products (website, home banking, branch and network of agents), including full digital onboarding and instant lending.

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Document Integration

Application for interaction and integration with the customer’s systems to generate a document dashboard using checklists and the analysis and processing of documents processed at the back-end and front-end levels.

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Sales Network

Application supporting the sales network with master file management function for collaborators and partners, and integrated document uploading with document management systems.

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Banking Outsourcing Services

Cabel, a Quid Group Company, manages a fundamental part of the infrastructural node of the banking network to which it guarantees stability, innovation and security.

It provides full outsourcing services for the banking and financial world with a consolidated experience of almost 40 years of activity.
It is the optimal partner for providing credit and financial institutions with a lightweight infrastructure and the ability to adopt an IT Less model.

Application Management

The Quid AM service is available for our applications, for standard market platforms and for customers’ custom platforms.

In addition to routine monitoring and maintenance, we develop application integrations and offer professional design advice, in this way simplifying the processes assisting the customer.

We monitor on-site and remote platforms, and also offer support for training the customer’s IT personnel. In this area, Quid stands out for the flexibility of the solutions it offers and for the effectiveness of the activities aimed at continuously improving.
Our services include: second-level help desk; corrective maintenance; monitoring, optimization, and continuous improvement of functionalities; oversight and control of batch processing; monitoring of schedules.

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