Avvera and Quid: The partnership on the Qinetic platform for the full digital management of credit processes continued successfully

Milan, 19 May 2021 – The strong relationship between Avvera, Credem Group’s consumer credit company, and Qinetic – the full digital platform for credit management created by Quid Informatica listed among the top 100 IT companies in the ranking published by IDC Italia and Data Manager as well as a leading company in ICT services for the consumer finance sector – continues successfully. Over the past two years, the strategic partnership with Quid for the implementation of innovative solutions launched in 2019 has made it possible to manage products such as salary–backed loans, personal loans and special purpose loans, with the aim of further accelerating process digitalisation during 2021 by relying on Artificial Intelligence to automate processes and customer service. More specifically, more than 350 agents and as many dealers of special purpose loans have been certified, while 7 partnerships with banks and brokers were managed, accounting for a lending volume of € 400 million in 2020, which increased in the first quarter of this year. Turnaround times for salary-backed loans virtually halved. The special organisation of Avvera, one of the few multi-channel and multi-product companies in the credit market, has allowed us to test the strength of the Qinetic platform in recent years, especially by stressing its special features: an advanced architecture built on microservices that allows new processes and new business lines to be created with great flexibility and timeliness, while managing existing processes with a very high level of automation and with the ability to implement promptly new improvements and new versions of the service without necessarily having to interrupt the system. “The value of the innovation brought lies in the digital native configuration of the Qinetic platform, which was designed from scratch, breaking down banking processes into microservices. The resulting benefit is significant: unlike the offering of other market solutions, which are equipped with dated technologies from a digital perspective, the added value lies in the ability to connect immediately to any best-of-breed technology, putting our customers in a position to rapidly evolve the service offering for the benefit of end users.” – This was the comment by Stefano Bertoli, founder of Quid Informatica. – “No more long and complex projects that hinder customers’ time to market, but new partnerships and channels that become active quickly. We are the first in the market to present such an advanced platform.” Bertoli concluded. Since 2018, the Credem Group has considered Quid a company capable of investing in innovation, and Qinetic represents the ideal product, as it was been conceived and designed to face the challenges lying ahead and to help the Group implement a new and exciting project: Avvera. Lorenzo Montanari, CEO at Avvera (Credem Group): “In addition to highlighting a clear departure from other market solutions characterised by more obsolete technologies, Qinetic’s microservice digital native configuration offers numerous advantages, such as the possibility to implement quick connections to other external ecosystems, cloud environment readiness, dev/ops and hot deployment of applications. The high levels of performance we are able to guarantee are also worth noting. In April, more than 2600 operators (agents and collaborators, employees of partner banks, employees…) used the platform to place our products, carry out administrative tasks or perform back office activities. Service availability has always exceeded 99% with a user satisfaction (APDEX) of 0.96! We monitor these and other indicators thanks to systems such as Dynatrace, Splunk, Prometheus and Grafana, which allow us to monitor and report on the progress of the service on a daily basis, and I must say that being able to see for myself such levels of absolute excellence is always a rewarding experience for me!”.



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